Our exciting sea voyage begins with the Milna town on the island of Brac. A small fishing town in a sheltered bay with south-facing beaches and crystal clear water, surrounded by pine forest offering a glittering oasis for vacation escape in style. 

The sea adventure continues as we reach Necujam bay – the largest bay on the Solta island that boasts impressive underwater shipwrecks sunk only 5 meters under the sea, adding character and history to natural vistas, and opportunity for you to enjoy one of the most exciting snorkeling and scuba-diving site in the Adriatic. 

The highlight of our tour is the most popular Blue Lagoon in Croatia, the blue lagoon of Drvenik and Krknjasi islands. With its shallow, crystal clear water over sandy sea bed offers a true paradise for snorkeling, fishing, underwater photography even swimming with dolphins, if lucky enough.

Get on board and enjoy the perfect mixture of old friends and new horizons while exploring the jewels of Dalmatia

  • Experience the Island Brac, Solta, and Blue Lagoon

    Visit Milna on the Island Brac, swimming on the island of Solta in a pristine cove near Necujam, where you can snorkel above a SUNKEN SHIP! Then we cruise over to the Enchanting Blue Lagoon off the Krknjasi Islands.

  • Soaking in the sun

    Sit back, relax, dance, eat, drink, snorkel, and gaze upon the Sea’s glistening water, while we tour you to these popular destinations that Croatia has to offer.

Island of Solta

You can call Solta Island the suburb of Croatia because of the proximity it has with the town. Here you can see hills, steep shores and deep bays. This is the most popular boat outing from Split. Also, Solta’s honey is very famous.


Island of Brac

The most elevated and longest island of Dalmatia.


Blue Lagoon

The dream destination of every traveller, people never amiss visiting these glistening beauty whenever they are in Croatia.



Cranchi Endurance 41
– 1450 €
Jeanneau Prestige 34
– 1300 €
Merry Fisher
– 900 €
  • Insurance
  • Fuel and skipper
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Towels 
  • Go Pro Camera  
  • WiFi
  • Welcoming snack 
  • Quality wine
  • Beer
  • Natural Water and Juice