Game of Thrones fans, a visit to Croatia will give you the chance to visit quintessential filming locations!

Game of Thrones fans, a visit to Croatia. The coastal city of Dubrovnik, Croatia has been one of Game of Thrones’ most prominent filming locations, mostly for the exteriors of Westeros’ capital city, King’s Landing.

Finally, Dubrovnik’s Lovrijenac Fort was the setting for most of the Red Keep scenes, the West Pier for Blackwater Bay, and the Jesuit Stairs.

Moreover, The most iconic scene in season five “Walk of Shame”, in which Cersei Lannister is forced to walk naked through the streets of King’s Landing begins at the top of the Jesuit Staircase.


Finally, These beautiful and elegant Baroque stairs are located on the south side of Gundulic Square.

Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Croatia

Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia (King’s Landing)

Finally, Dubrovnik has always been regarded as a beautiful coastal city but it’s one city that has grown
wildly popular due to GoT.

Thanks to the historic city’s giant city walls and photogenic stone streets and buildings, it easily transports visitors back in time.

Moreover, This ability has also made it one of the most important Games of Thrones locations, and a natural fit for the capital of the seven kingdoms, King’s Landing.

Finally, The list of scenes Dubrovnik has been used for is far too long to properly go through, but everywhere from the city walls. To Fort Lovrijenac, to Pile Gate, and various parks has appeared throughout the series.

Even Cersei’s long Walk of Penance (“Shame!”) was filmed along Stradun, the city’s main street. Visit and you’ll constantly find places you recognize from the show.

Minčeta Tower, Dubrovnik, Croatia (House of the Undying)

We’ve already talked about how Dubrovnik has embodied so much of King’s Landing,
but did you know that one part of the city was used for somewhere very different?

Daenerys visits Qarth

When Daenerys visits Qarth, her dragons are taken from her and imprisoned in the House of
the Undying. It is the exterior of Dubrovnik’s Minceta Tower you see when Daenerys
stands outside the House of Undying in search of her dragons.

This tower on the corner of the city walls of Dubrovnik is the highest point of the walls and is unmissable
when visiting Dubrovnik.

Keep in Mind:

Entrance Fees: Dubrovnik and Minceta Fortress are free to explore. Be sure to have some money for food and souvenirs as you wander around this unique European town.
Operating Hours: Minceta Fortress is open every day from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Things to Bring: Bring water, a rain jacket, sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable
walking shoes.


Šibenik, Croatia (Braavos)

For a time, Arya Stark called the city of Braavos home as she trains to become a Faceless Man.
Arya spends plenty of time moving about the city of Braavos, which is actually the Croatian city
of Sibenik. Whether it’s pushing an oyster cart or hunting people on her list, many of these Arya
scenes were filmed on the streets of this historic coastal city.


Even Sibenik’s UNESCO listed Cathedral of St. James gets in on the act, portraying the exterior to the headquarters of the renowned Iron Bank. Not all of Braavos was shot exclusively in Sibenik, but much of it was and
a visit to this scenic city certainly won’t be a waste.

Sibenik is a town in Croatia that is one of the GOT filming locations worth visiting. Sibenik is a
city on the Adriatic coast. The architecture and historic buildings make this eastern European destination ideal for representing the Free City of Braavos in season five.
The St James Cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site, so be sure to bring your camera for
enviable photos of fantastical sites and real ones.

Keep in Mind:

Entrance Fees: Sibenik is free to explore. Be sure to have some money for food and
souvenirs as you explore.
Operating Hours: Sibenik is open to travelers anytime.

  • Things to Bring: Pack water, a rain jacket, sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable shoes
    with a good grip.


Trsteno, Croatia (King’s Landing Palace Gardens)

With her brutal honesty and cutting wit, Olenna Tyrell may have been one of the most likable
characters in Game of Thrones.

Many of the great lines delivered by the matriarch of House Tyrell were given in the palace gardens of King’s. Landing as she plotted to position her granddaughter, Margaery among the city’s court. This lovely backdrop is courtesy of the Trsteno Arboretum, just north of Dubrovnik.

So strongly linked is this garden of a stately summer residence to the character of Olenna, that its nickname these days is actually the “Tyrell

Keep in Mind:

Entrance Fees: Finally, Trsteno Arboretum is approximately 7 USD per adult and 3 USD for
Operating Hours: Trsteno Arboretum is open every day of the week between 7 a.m.
and 7 p.m.
Things to Bring: Make sure to bring along water, sunscreen, bug spray, and comfy
walking shoes.


Klis Fortress, Croatia (Meereen)

Daenerys’ rise to power took the Khaleesi to many cities early on, including that of Meereen.
Another slaver city, it was here where she continued her tour of emancipation before things
started to go wrong.

Finally, Meereen quickly became a home to the queen and her advisors over
several seasons and the mighty walls of Klis Fortress were often a backdrop to those events.


striking medieval fortress

Moreover,  While you won’t find any pyramids in this part of Croatia just outside the city of Split, what you
will find is a striking medieval fortress atop a rocky cliff.

Thankfully, you also won’t find a trail of crucified slave owners either along the zigzagging path which takes you up through the fortress.

Keep in Mind:
Entrance Fees: Finally, Fortress Klis is approximately 9 USD per adult and 2 USD for
Operating Hours: moreover, Fortress Klis is open every day between 8:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.
Things to Bring: Bring water, a hat, sunscreen, bug spray, and comfortable walking


Lokrum Island, Croatia

Finally, Lokrum is an island on the Adriatic Sea just off the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Therefore,  It is one of
the notable Game of Thrones filming locations. The filming crew transformed the turquoise
waters and monastery on Lokrum into Quarth.
Therefore, It is here where Daenerys meets the city’s elite and promises her army freedom. Finally, The beautiful
island is accessible by ferry from Dubrovnik. Give yourself a day to explore the island and take
in the GOT filming locations.

Keep in Mind:
Entrance Fees: Finally, Lokrum is open to the public. Ferries operate to and from Dubrovnik
and Lokrum regularly for approximately 13.50 USD.
Operating Hours: Moreover, This GOT filming location is open 24 hours.
Things to Bring: Finally, Bring water, sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable walking shoes.


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