Hidden bays to visit on a Croatia yacht charter

Hidden bays to visit on a Croatia yacht charter

Hidden bays to visit on a Croatia yacht charter. The spectacular, remote, and uncrowded bays along the coast and around. The 1200-odd Dalmatian Islands are the primary reason private yacht charters are so popular in Croatia. However, this most glorious side of the Adriatic offers plenty of historic seaside towns and and fabulous beach clubs. The quaint fishing villages, most charter guests simply. Crave to get away from it all and unplug from the rest of the world

Vis: A Romantic Hideaway


Vis is the most far-flung inhabited island in Croatia, so venturing here will definitely get you away from the crowds. Approximately 3,600 people make their homes here in the towns of Vis and Komiža. The eastern and western coasts, respectively.


While Vis has a history as a fishing community, today, the island sustains itself mainly from agriculture and tourism. This is a lovely place to visit if you want to tour a local vineyard and taste some of Croatia’s fine wines. Enjoy fresh-caught seafood at one of Vis’ renowned restaurants, or head into town to shop for souvenirs. Wherever you go, you can breathe in the aromatic scent of fig, mulberry, olive, pine, and fig trees. Palm trees lend a tropical vibe to the streets and beaches of this magical island.


 Korčula: A Cultural Jewel


Korčula is not exactly hidden—with more than 15,000 residents, it is the most populous island in Croatia, not connected to the mainland with a bridge. But therein lies its appeal. Even though Korčula can get to be crowded, it will never be swarming with quite as many tourists as the other large towns in Croatia. You can only arrive here by boat, and that means most tourists will never get a chance to walk its enchanting streets.


The settlement here is ancient—so ancient, in fact, that legend holds that it was founded in the 12th century BC by the Trojan hero Antenor. Many peoples have called Korčula their home: Mesolithic and Neolithic peoples, Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Venetians – even famous Venetian merchant and traveler – Marco Polo! With the island changing hands so many times, the culture here is a rich amalgam of influences. Today you can come to Korčula to watch a traditional sword dance, listen to Klapa, a variety of a cappella singing, or even attend the Korkyra Baroque Festival, a prestigious international event held every September.


 Bisevo: A Swimming and Snorkeling Eden


This tiny island is uninhabited and quite easy to sail to from Vis, which is located just five kilometers away. Here you will find Blue Cave, also known as Blue Grotto. This cavern is renowned for a unique natural phenomenon that occurs between the hours of 11 in the morning and noon. The cave itself is quite dark, but the sun shines through the water so that it appears to glow a deep, resplendent blue inside. The effect is similar to that of sea sparkle—except that no algae are causing this marvelous luminescence. It is simply the play of the light.


Bisevo is not entirely unknown—Blue Grotto is too distinctive not to garner some international fame among tourists. But because you can only reach it by boat, you may very well find you have the glowing blue waters all to yourself.


 Pakleni Islands: Secluded Beaches


There are a couple of different ways you can get to the Pakleni Islands—water taxi from Hvar Town, or your own charter boat. The Pakleni Islands are a study in contrasts; if you stop off in Palmizana (read an in-depth article about the hidden sailing paradise Palmižana). You will find yourself surrounded by other tourists—this is the place to party.


If, on the other hand, you take a ten-minute walk from where the water taxi drops off passengers, you can find a lovely hidden beach called Mlini. The water here is incredibly shallow, and there is another small island just offshore. You literally can walk all the way there through the water without boarding a vessel—an experience you cannot have just anywhere. Like Blue Grotto, Mlini Beach is a unique natural wonder!


 Lastovo Island: A Remote Respite


If you really want to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of ordinary, everyday life, Lastovo Island is the respite you are seeking. It is the second most far-flung island off the Croatian mainland. You will feel like you are at the edge of everything. The waters here are the cleanest in the Mediterranean, making for incredible diving opportunities. The island itself is dense with natural beauty. Climb to the summit of Hum or take a dip in the tranquil waters of Skrivena Luka Bay. When you are ready to grab a bite to eat, visit the picturesque sleepy village of Zaklpatica for some fresh food.


As you can see, Croatia offers numerous adventures for travelers who are ready to get off the beaten track. There is no better way to do that than on a charter boat in Croatia. So enjoy the serene bays and cozy villages that most tourists never get to see. Chartering a vessel in Croatia offers you an exclusive pass to all this Mediterranean wonderland has to offer!


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