Mljet is at a 45-minute speedboat distance from Dubrovnik. Its National Park is situated in the western part and takes one-third of the island. Its greatest peculiarity are two salt-water lakes: the Great and the Small Lake.

Some say that, while describing the enchanted island of Ogygia, Odysseus, and the nymph Calypso, Homer must have had the island of Mljet in mind. This is, of course, is folklore and a bedtime story to consider.

However, Mljet abounds in other natural wonders as well: one of them is a tiny island called Melita (Mljet) situated in the middle of the Great Lake, with the remnants of a 12th – century Benedictine monastery of Saint Mary.

The island of Mljet is also famous for being the greenest island in all of the Adriatic.

  • National Park “Mljet”, where you can walk around or rent a bicycle to explore the Great and the Small Lake.
  • Visit the small island to witness the Benedictine monastery.
  • Various small villages and other lovely spots in order to enjoy peace, silence, and the colours of the sea, which are said to be unique to the island of Mljet.
  • Visit the Pelješac peninsula while cruising around.

If you like snorkelling, we can try to spot some ancient amphorae together! Adventure, Exploration and Outlandish will be the spirit of this escapade.