Sailing | The best way to explore and feel Croatia

Everyone wants a fantastic holiday experience

What is the best way to see and feel Croatia? When you travel to a new country you always want to know what is the best way to see, feel and explore the place you are visiting.

Making the most of your vacation

Vacations are short and time is precious. Furthermore, they are not cheap – you work all year to reward yourself with a break. You want your vacation to go seamlessly and to make the most out of it. No one wants to have a holiday that was ‘alright’. Everyone wants one that will live on in your memory for a lifetime. Sustaining yourself until the next vacation opportunity arises.

What is the best way to see Croatia?

What do we mean by the best way to see Croatia? As well as seeing the sights this means appreciating the lifestyle, meeting the people, finding out about the culture and customs, enjoying the food and drink. To delve into Croatia and fall in love with it you need to appreciate the pace of life.

Croatia Full of Islands

There are two sides to Croatia: the mainland and the islands. Both have great things to do and see and you should spend time on each. Spend a couple of days on the mainland after you arrive, but don’t overlook the islands. You will need a week sailing around the islands to see them properly. Then when you are back on land again you can have another couple of days visiting another area before you return home.

You can skip straight to look through our recommendations on the best way and why to see and feel Croatia, or read on to find out why.

Croatia – off shore

Croatia is a country full of islands. Although there is some debate as to the actual number, suffice to say that there are well over a thousand islands, islets, rocks and reefs. If you like your coastline, you will find that 70% of it is off-shore circling the islands. What is more, about 3,300kmof Croatia’s land is surrounded by sea. These islands float in beautifully clear territorial waters that stretch almost 19,000km2. So that is a sizeable proportion of the country that is unconnected to the mainland.

The untouched paradise

Throughout history, during periods of invasion, many of the citizens fled to the Adriatic islands. Life here is full of tradition and culture where you will see a different side to life on the mainland. Unlike much of the rest of the Mediterranean, the islands of Croatia are relatively untouched and pristine. Big hotel chains and over development have been held at bay. Only the biggest of the islands are connected by ferry services so if you want the freedom to enjoy and explore this water world then you need to travel by yacht.

Miss the islands and you miss the point

So to come to Croatia but not visit the islands is a mistake you don’t want to miss out. You will be missing an important and intensely beautiful part of the country out. A trip to the islands should be central to making sure your visit to Croatia is the best experience possible.

Is a sailing holiday in Croatia right for us?

Sailing holidays are so versatile and flexible that everyone can enjoy them, no matter what your age or interests. The best way to see Croatia is by allowing everyone on the holiday to make the most of their time. You can go on a voyage without the chores associated with traveling. No packing and unpacking, everything you need comes with you and you get to choose where to go and what to do. Go at your own pace, and change your mind whenever you like!

Endless possibilities, but let’s flesh one out…

Now you know that a sailing holiday is the best way to see Croatia. Moreover, that sailing holidays are pretty much perfectly suited to all types of travelers. Next you should read up on some great reasons why you should go on a sailing holiday. But before you do that, we will sketch out our dream vacation ideas of the best way to see Croatia…

The best way to see Croatia in 10-14 days

Split to Dubrovnik

Get a mid-week flight to Split. Stay in the Diocletian’s Palace in Old Split. Enjoy the winding limestone streets of the old town, full of life and buzz. Walk up the Marjan Hill and test the Adriatic sea at the local beach. Maybe head to Trogir for a day to see this wonderful old town.

On Saturday, charter a yacht and sail down the coast towards Dubrovnik for a week. Visit Hvar, KorčulaMljet and the Elaphiti islands. Arrive in Dubrovnik on Friday and spend a further couple of days exploring this wonderful jewel of south Dalmatia. Find out what our top 10 things to do in Dubrovnik are. Fly home from Dubrovnik and tell anyone who asks what the best way to see Croatia is!

Variations on a theme

Rather than heading one-way down the coast, there are also plenty of circular routes that you can take. Use the same methodology – arrive a few days before the yacht charter. Get a bit of mainland exploring in, acclimatize, get into the rhythm of life, do some shopping, see some of the sites. Then on Saturday, head to your base marina and sail off for an amazing week sailing and yachting around the islands. Return on the following Saturday when you have the opportunity to spend a few more days in another center before you fly home. Perhaps stay in Šibenik and visit the Krka waterfalls.

Depending on your budget, these mainland stays could be in anything from luxury boutique hotels nestled in the middle of the historical hearts of the regions cities, to handy good value AirBnB villas and apartments.

Ready for an adventure in Croatia?

Let us know your thoughts, do you agree that this is the best way to see Croatia? How would you like to do it? Our Royal Dalmatia Team is here to work for you to tailor and make a dream sailing holiday that suits you perfectly!

Write to us or e-mail to our team because we are here to bring you a vacation from a dream.

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