Top 5 Bays in Croatia to Visit while cruising

Top 5 Bays in Croatia to Visit while cruising. Croatia, the land of beaches and bays. With more than 1,000 islands and a stunning indented coastline, Croatia is the ideal place to go sailing. We assure you that sailing in Croatia will provide you with tranquilly, relaxation, and exploration. A captain will know all the greatest locations and secret bays to take you if you charter with them. To share some of our favorite coves and bays in Croatia with individuals who charter bareboat, we have produced this article.


Top 5 Bays in Croatia to Visit while cruising


There you have it; this is just a small handful of must-visit bays for you on your sailing Croatia holiday. But of course, as you know – we can’t give away ALL the secrets in one blog, stay tuned to learn more and be ready to discover your own favorite spots when you charter a yacht and sail Croatia. Top 5 Bays in Croatia to Visit while cruising.


Top 5 Bays

Bobovišća Bay, island Brač

On the island of Solta, there is a stunning bay called Stracinska Bay. It has clean seas and is surrounded by lush greenery and a few charming stone homes. It is simple to anchor and attach a line to shore because of the depths and rough shoreline. Spend a tranquil afternoon or evening here. An additional fact and a little tongue-in-cheek: this area has a white-pebbled stone beach that is a popular swimming location. Locals refer to it as “Di dida pere guzicu,” which literally translates to “where Grandpa washes his bottom.”

Vinogradišće Bay, Pakleni Islands

The Pakleni Islands are situated in front of the town of Hvar. The Pakleni Islands, which are mostly uninhabited and teeming with untamed wildlife, are a tribute to nature. Sailors have long known and admired the Pakleni Islands, in particular Vinogradisce Bay. The largest of the Pakleni group of islands, St. Clement (Sv. Klement), has a deep bay called Vinogradie. With its clear waters, beautiful sand, and renowned seafood restaurants and pubs nestled within botanical gardens; this has become a summertime favourite stop for sailors. There are mooring buoys accessible in Vinogradisce.

Stončica Bay


One of Vis Island’s most picturesque bays and beaches is Stoncica Bay. Stoncica is a deep bay with good protection that is located 7 kilometres NE of Vis’s town centre. Stoncica features crystal-clear seas and a sandy beach, just like Vinogradisce. A quaint beach bar and Konoba Stoncica, which offers affordable fresh seafood with genuine warmth, are also nearby. Due to its difficulty being reached from the town, Stoncica is primarily used by boats and residents. Families can enjoy a day at Stoncica swimming, relaxing, or playing on the sand beach.


Here we also want to mention The Lastovo Park. The Lastovo archipelago is a protected nature park, made up of 44 islands, cliffs and reefs. Escaping the ‘main drag’, many sailors spend days just exploring this mesmerising paradise. With lush vegetation, rocky shorelines, numerous coves and bays, marine life, and wonderful restaurants, sailing the Lastovo archipelago is a must for anyone sailing in Croatia – particularly on a southern sailing route. There are numerous bays and coves to explore, all of them beautiful and unique in their own way. Today we will mention ‘Skrivena Luka’ which cannot be seen from the sea, this is how it got its name “hidden bay”.

Stiniva Bay

It is impossible to write about bays or beaches without mentioning Stiniva Bay on island Vis. Stiniva is more of a cove than a bay but it deserves mention here. Stiniva beach was always a hidden gem for sailors in the know until it was named ‘Best Beach in Europe in 2016’. The allure of Stiniva beach was always in its unique setting – a narrow entrance that opens to a pristine pebble-stoned beach, dominated by high cliffs.


These are the same reasons it became famous and is one of the most photographed beaches in Croatia – because it is the picture-postcard ‘secret beach’. Thanks to its title as “Best Beach”, it is more popular these days but if you arrive early or during the shoulder season (May, June, September, and October), you have more chance of being able to enjoy it with fewer crowds.


Strašinčica Bay

Vela Luka lies at the heart of a deep bay on the western end of island Korčula. This deep bay is indented with many cute coves and secure anchorages where one can easily spend a day in peace. Strašinčica bay is near the town of Vela Luka, and has a beautiful beach with pebble stones at its head. With deep hues of greens in the water and surrounding vegetation, this cove is a perfect escape.



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