Vis is the farthest inhabited island from the Croatian mainland; situated beyond Hvar and Brac, it sits basically on the halfway point between Croatia and Italy. Vis is hard to reach, and its inaccessibility makes it both an exciting and exclusive place to be. It is made up of 90.26 square kilometers of stunning beaches, bays and two cities where life goes as slowly as it has for ages. Unspoiled nature, great beaches, a stunning underwater world, interesting history, and great local cuisine.


    • Military tour

      Vis may have been called the Adriatic Philippines because of its beauty, but during the second world war, when Tito and the Yugoslav partisans used it as its central base, it was called the Adriatic Malta. Thanks to its strategic remote location, Vis played an important part in the resistance movement during World War II. Until today, the island is home to a number of military buildings, bunkers, and more. An interesting place to get a taste of this part of the island’s history is Tito’s cave, where the resistance leader Tito hid for several months back in 1943. If you are even a bit interested in diving into the fascinating history of this charming island, this tour is a definite must!.

    • Mamma Mia 2 Tour

      Even though the story was supposed to be set on the Greek island of Skopelos and last time it was mainly filmed around Greece. But this time, the producers moved the filming location to the remote Croatian island of Vis. If it happens by chance you too were one of the fans of this world-famous movie, this tour might be the best fit for you. The tour covers major filming locations featured in the movie. Filming took place at five locations on Vis, three in Komiza, one in Barjoska Bay, and one in gorgeous Stiniva Bay.

    • Gastro tour of Vis

      The Croatian island of Vis has carved out a modest niche with its traditional cuisine, with tiny ‘restaurants’ – little more than a few tables in somebody’s house – offering simple but delicious fare. And it is precisely the island’s laid-back feel, combined with an understanding and appreciation of fresh produce and fish, that make Vis cuisine so delightful.

      It may not sound very exciting or complex, but it’s the simplicity and the quality of the raw materials that make these dishes so delicious. And it’s also the time, effort and pride of the islanders that goes into the tending of the crops and the preparation of the food that makes it so special. If you consider yourself a true foodie, then this tour is definitely your cup of tea. We are about to dine with local families on their private family farms producing the very best flavours and tastes of this genuinely intriguing Dalmatian island.

“I find myself in the deep heart of the deep sea. It was the fairies themselves who brought me here, on an unknown date when the globe fell asleep and no one could see me. I am in the empire of adventures, in the miracle of events. I finally experienced what the world has forgotten. And I became the owner of a mystery.” 

This is a quote from the great Croatian poet Tin Ujević who strongly believed Vis was an Adriatic version of the Philippines. This might be the best description of this mysterious, yet intriguing and stunning Adriatic gem.