Why Explore the Croatian Islands?

Why Explore the Croatian Islands? If you enjoy Breathtaking Adventures, and you Admire the Coast, then the Croatian Islands are the place for you to explore!

Croatia is becoming one of the most popular traveling spots in the world, and amongst the +1,000 Islands on the Adriatic, you will not choose wrong on your journey.

So, out of everywhere this world can take you…why should you visit the Croatian Islands??? Well, I’ll tell you why… Because you will not regret the memory of taking your feet from a boat, and dropping them into this perfectly clear blue sea!

Croatia’s coast is pure and provides the perfect opportunity for Island Hopping. Your ideal getaway is a boat ride away.

But where to start you may ask? A perfect location to begin your excursion is from Split, Croatia. From Split, you can choose from one of the many untouched islands to explore. But there are so many islands to choose from, and you may be wondering… “Where do we even go?!”

Well, lets discuss the most popular well-known islands to visit. Vis, Hvar, Brač, Šolta, & Korčula are the top 5 islands where you can really grasp the experience of a lifetime. If you’re a coastal lover, then trust that these divine waters will slowly infiltrate your body.

So now…Let’s start our Boat Engine, raise the anchor and begin our voyage to the Islands…


Vis Island, the most remote of all the Central Dalmatian Islands, is a natural Paradise on the Eastern Mediterranean. This mysterious Island is divided between two beautiful small towns: Vis town & Komiza town. Vis is home to the famous Blue Cave where the sun shines through the blue glistening waters, creating an experience of pure tranquility in the cave.

A lively location on the Dalmatian Coast, Island Hvar provides a luxurious island lifestyle. Hvar is known to be one of the sunniest Islands in Europe. History in this town dates all the way back to 6,000 B.C and here you can really treasure the culture. Walk the city streets and over look the sea from the top of a castle on this island. Island Hvar will feed you sparkling energy.


Island Brač is the largest Dalmatian Island and the third largest island in all of Croatia. This island has a reputation for it’s wine, olive oil, stonemasonry, and sandy “golden horn” beach. Choose your fun- filled day by sun bathing on the sandy beach or wine tasting in the hidden hills. Brač is the closest Island to Split, if you’re looking for a quick journey.


How about some Serenity in Šolta? This Island is one of the most peaceful islands with hidden treasured coves. If you’re looking for a soothing getaway, Šolta is not too far from Split’s port. With the pebbled beaches and perfect swimming and snorkeling coves, you wont regret this beauty!


Finally, Situated half way between Dubrovnik and Split is Island Korčula. With the most beautiful medieval town in Croatia, this island will not disappoint. Shredded with myths, legends, beauty, and adventure, you can get a unique experience all in one place. The beaches here are blessed and calm. Take a dip in the sea from this island.

Whew! Anchor down and Boat Engine off…
What an adventure you have coming your way! But, be mindful, it is impossible to visit all of these islands in just one day… but if you choose wisely and plan your day’s right… you can see all the beauty you desire from them all!

But remember… When you decide to take a journey through the Adriatic, you will be left breathless. Get every glimpse that you can through your passage… and enjoy the Croatian Islands… where the sky kisses the coast.

Image by invisible power


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