Why You Should Charter A Yacht with Royal Dalmatia Yachting

Why You Should Charter A Yacht with Royal Dalmatia Yachting, the Royal Dalmatia Yachting is a luxurious and exciting new mode of high-end travel. Sharing an experience like no other, this yacht charter company offer all the luxury and adventure one could imagine on the open seas.


The designers of the yacht are clearly thinking about luxury and comfort for its passengers, with lavish accommodations that include a master suite with its own private Jacuzzi and pool. As well as a restaurant designed by celebrity chef Masaharu Morimoto. Wherever you go on your time off or vacation, the boat lets you enjoy a little bit of luxury wherever you go!


Chartering a yacht is one of the most luxurious ways to enjoy your holiday, and Royal Dalmatia Yachting is here to take care of all arrangements for you. Whether you’re interested in sailing around the Mediterranean or cruising the Caribbean, they’ll leave nothing out. They offer first-class service, personalized attention, and an impressive selection of luxury yachts to choose from.

Yacht Charter with Royal Dalmatia

Yacht with Royal Dalmatia yachting Specifications


Choosing to charter a yacht with Royal Dalmatia Yachting is a fantastic way to enjoy an unforgettable sailing experience. Our vessels are top-of-the-line and ready to take you on some of the best sailing adventures around. From intimate day trips to full-blown luxury cruises, we have something for everyone.


One of the great things about chartering a yacht with us is that we can customize your trip according to your interests and needs. Whether you want to explore some of Croatia’s hidden coves or take in all the amazing highlights of the Adriatic Sea, our team will be happy to help make your dream trip a reality.


So why wait? Contact us today and let us show you what Royal Dalmatia Yachting can do for you!


What kinds of yachts are available?


There are a variety of yacht types available for charter in Royal Dalmatia Yachting. These include motorboats, sailing boats, and catamarans. There are also a variety of sizes and prices to choose from, so you can find the perfect yacht for your needs.


Some popular yacht types available for charter through Royal Dalmatia Yachting include:


Motorboats: Motorboats are great for exploring the islands in Dalmatia region. They provide plenty of power and can accommodate up to 12 passengers.


Sailing Boats: Sailing boats offer a unique experience that is not found on other types of boats. You can explore the islands and coastline of Croatia on a sailing boat, or take advantage of the wind power to reach distant destinations.


Catamarans: Catamarans are a versatile type of boat that is perfect for cruising around Croatian waters. They offer plenty of space and comfort, making them perfect for family fun days out at sea.


Small and large luxury motor yachts


When it comes to luxury motor yacht charters, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the size of the yacht is important. Many luxury yachts can accommodate up to 12 guests. Second, the type of charter you choose will be based on your needs and interests. If you’re looking for a relaxing cruise with plenty of room to swim and sunbathe, then a small luxury yacht might be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you’re interested in exploring new ports and enjoying a lively nightlife scene, a larger luxury yacht might be better suited. Royal Dalmatia Yachting has a variety of options available for both small and large luxury motor yachts. We can help you find the perfect charter for your needs!


What is the average charter rate at Royal Dalmatia yachting?


Royal Dalmatia Yachting is the perfect charter company for those looking for an unforgettable sailing experience.

Our average charter rate is €2,000 per day, and we offer a wide range of amenities including Wi-Fi, air conditioning, TV and barbecue facilities. Royal Dalmatia Yachting is located in the main town of the Dalmatia region, Split

If you’re looking for a truly unique yacht experience, contact Royal Dalmatia Yachting today!


Liveaboard charter vs. a bareboat charter with Royal Dalmatia yachting?


A crewed motor yacht charter with Royal Dalmatia Yachting is a great option for those who want to get away from it all. Crewed charters give you complete control of your yacht, and the flexibility to go where you want when you want. Royal Dalmatia yachting offers a variety of liveaboard charters, perfect for those who want more than just a boat ride – they want an immersive experience. With liveaboard charters, you’ll have access to the yacht’s facilities and amenities and the company of other guests. You’ll also have the chance to participate in onboard activities and learn about sailing from the crew.




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