“When it comes to your yachting vacation, I’m your genie in a bottle. However, I grant more than three wishes. I take it upon myself to make sure your every need and wish is fulfilled and I’m your go-to person if you have any questions or demands during your trip. Renata Tošić, reporting for duty!”

Renata Tosic


Journey of a Lifetime

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Discover the hidden secrets of Croatia

Nice to meet you and greet you! Let us take you on an unforgettable journey along Croatia’s coast. Our captains will steer the wheel according to your personal compass in this secret landscape treasure hunt.

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Your sweet escape

Be sure to prepare some insulin shots, because your escape to Croatia will be so sweet that you may succumb to diabetes. But you needn’t worry. Royal Dalmatia Yachting is by your side and involved well beyond the booking stage. We plan the best yacht itineraries to suit your preferences, organize private transfers, restaurant reservations, hand-picked spa treatments, and plenty more.

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A little party never killed nobody

Croatia is well-known for its fun-loving people, amazing concerts and top-notch bars and clubs. We’d call it nightlife, but Croats like to start partying during the day – which their livers are not thankful for. We’ll make sure you experience the best of events dancing to the great tunes that will literally be music to your ears in a special heartfelt ambiance.

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Have some wine, and everything will be fine!

In vino veritas. Let us tell you all the veritas about the places we visit together over a glass (or two, or ten) of fine Croatian wine. Tell us what you like and we’ll arrange for splendid evenings in romantic coastal towns, allowing you to take in the flavors of the scenery and our finest wines to your liking.

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Sights to behold and stories to be told

As we make history during our legendary trip together, we’ll introduce you to the actual history of the places we visit along the way as well. It’s up to you to choose sights whose story you want to hear – be it a cathedral, palace, theater or an old house with quaint secrets. Here walls can talk, and they do so through the mouths of the best local guides we pick for you.

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Fun with a chance of clouds

No need to take a rain check if it’s raining. We literally plan everything ahead for you, leaving nothing to chance. We may not be able to control the weather, but we can prepare every other aspect and detail of your trip. After booking a yacht that suits you best, we arrange the itinerary according to your preferences and external conditions. A little drizzle or a lightning here and there won’t steal our thunder.

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Finest local cuisine

We’ve cooked up a plan to take you to the most special restaurants with recipes for a good time. A lot of excursions feature dining in mainstream, fancy restaurants swarming with tourists, but ours will take you to local inns serving fresh food prepared according to family recipes passed down for generations and straight into your plate.

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Having a good time can go hand in fit hand with exercise and a healthy diet. Don’t feel stressed when we stress the importance of healthy living, even on vacation. It’s just that we want you in a good enough shape for you to keep coming to us for years on end. Our offer includes various sports activities and top-notch training routines that will boost your morale, as well as enhance both your physical and mental state. So don’t be shy – break a little sweat and flex those muscles while enjoying a ride on one of our best yachts! We’ll also make sure your tummies stay full, but not bloated with our healthy and tasty menus. In Dalmatia, we believe a tri-color meal is a good deal, so you’ll get a little bit of everything that makes for a balanced diet. You’ll be as right as rain while basking in the warm sun.

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Sea for yourself!

As you sail your way across the Adriatic Sea, you’re bound to fall in love with its crystal clear azure waters. Have a swim, dive or even try your hand at fishing. There are plenty of nice, pebbly beaches to take a rest afterwards.

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Until our next adventure

Our journey has come to an end, but your memories will last forever – we’ll make sure of it by hiring a professional photographer to capture the best moments of our sea adventure. Not every goodbye is sad, especially if you decide to return to our wonderful country sometime again.

Why Charter with Royal Dalmatia

Discover the hidden
secrets of Croatia

A sterling for your thoughts? Of course, you’re thinking of sterling quality. Royal Dalmatia Yachting can provide you with that through a tailor-made yacht travelling experience designed specially for you. Just tell us what you want and we’ll find a perfect yacht for you, as well as organize the itinerary of your boat trip. Rather than taking you to see only cliché tourist attractions teeming with people, we will introduce you the very soul of Croatia as perceived by locals. 


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