Curating an authentic Croatia

Experience Croatia with the Lens of the Locals

Unforgettable Memories

Custom-made excursions capturing the highlights of your journey while you be in the moments.

Royal Treatment

Allow yourself some royal treatment and experience the best of luxuries.

Unique Experience

Private Tailor-Made experiences to complement your travel desires. Be prepared to discover hidden treasures your way.

Discover the hidden secrets of Croatia

Royal Dalmatia strives to introduce its travelers to a hidden & authentic point of view of Croatia through small private groups and bespoke experiences! We will take you on a journey to discover the true soul of Croatia. A journey that will offer you to travel like a local, to make new friends, to enjoy Croatia's rich culture, and to indulge in the heavenly flavors of Croatian cuisine.

Private & Authentic Experiences

There is an abundance of reasons to fall in love with Croatia. From the alluring waters of the Adriatic Sea, its rich cultural diversity, its natural wonders, or even thousands of idyllic islands along its coast accompanied by some of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in Europe.

We want to show you the places and stories of Croatia that no one else will, introduce you to a new perspective of authentic travel experience in Croatia, and offer you to witness behind-the-closed-door sights. Our travel ingredients feature local guides, small and private tours, carefully selected partners, and a new level of luxury travel to Croatia interwoven with authentic experiences.


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Once in a Lifetime

A journey to Croatia can be many things but Royal Dalmatia goes above and beyond to carefully select attractions and skillfully craft them into one, well-balanced journey. Witness the glorious sunsets and enjoy every sip of the handpicked wines while the pleasant acoustic guitar plays romantic tunes just for you. Immerse yourself in splendid views from some of the most famous lighthouses in Croatia and enjoy the serene atmosphere of these timeless yet romantic towers and learn its centuries-long history from the perspective of its lighthouse keeper. Explore the diversity of Croatian cuisine and discover its wonderful specialties while sharing the table with a local family. It gets a bit easier to start imagining your perfect vacation if you actually know what wonderful possibilities exist out here and Royal Dalmatia is your local companion who will meet every requirement you might have and walk that extra mile to ensure your vacation in Croatia is once in a lifetime experience.

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