About us

Family Owned Business

Royal Dalmatia Yachting is a family-owned business that consists of a small team of travel professionals: Marko & Renata, founders and partners in crime and marriage, as well as several carefully selected associates who share our vision and aim for the best with regard to quality, authenticity, and value. Moreover, we are true locals, born and raised in Dalmatia, which gives us the edge on big-shot generic agencies when it comes to first-hand knowledge of the hidden gems of this beautiful country. We will let you in on our secrets if you choose us as your guardian angels while exploring the paradise that is Croatia.

Founder and Owner

With many years of experience working as a stewardess on a charter yacht and experience as a hospitality manager in London, Renata had an opportunity to get a good insight into customers’ needs and expectations during their travels. Moreover, holding an MA in International Business Trade & Travel provides her with all the necessary knowledge and skills for good management and business operations.

“When it comes to your yachting adventure, consider me your personal concierge. We take care of each and every detail to make sure that nothing is left to chance. Our intent is to provide our clients with an extraordinary experience through our attention to detail and anticipating your needs.”

North American Representative

Harry is a hospitality specialist located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC with decades of experience in the industry. He has managed departments in some of the finest resorts in the country with a penchant for providing a superior experience for the guests he encountered. While consulting in Croatia, Harry and Renata worked together on developing various yachting excursions for hotel guests. They found that they both strive to provide the ultimate in vacations and are like-minded in offering extraordinary guest experiences. Bringing this level of hospitality to clients in the North American market is unique in an era where exceptional guest service is diminishing and getting considerably harder to find.

We intend to set the bar higher than ever!

hospitality specialist

A New Take on Yacht Vacation

Royal Dalmatia Yachting gives you an opportunity to fully familiarize yourself with Dalmatia in all its glory, making sure you experience the best of the Adriatic.
All year round, you’re probably busy making plans and organizing your schedule. That’s exactly why this is something you shouldn’t have to do on your vacation. Here’s where we step in. Place your trust in us and we’ll take care of every detail of your yacht excursion – yacht charter, booking local guides, making reservations at restaurants, organizing small tours, as well as creating itineraries that perfectly suit your travel preference and travel style. Explore Dalmatia at your own pace, without having to join group tours and go to crowded places.
We specialize in creating unique, personalized itineraries that cater best to your travel interests. Also, we’re here for you every step and swim of the way.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the very best VALUE to your experience of choice. From the moment you visit our website to the creation of tailor-made packages to ensure exceptional experience on your yacht trip, we’re here to make a difference. We are fully committed to provide you with the best, therefore we carefully pick all our partners and we continuously monitor their industry references, professional reputation and client reviews.

Our Promise

Our core values are attention to detail, anticipating our guests’ needs, and commitment to quality in order provide an extraordinary experience for our clients. Going so far as to feeling like royalty during their visit to Dalmatia.

We are proud to say that we personally tailor all excursion packages for our clients, and treat each traveler with respect and trust, just like the way we would want to be treated. From the very start, we have always believed in always doing the right thing, and we have nurtured this idea ever since.